Simplygon fails Install Git Engine 4.14.0

Hi guys,

I’m having a problem installing the simplygon sdk into my project. I can install it fine into launcher installs, but I can’t get it installed into my custom path. I’m using the Git Engine for my base.

When I use the UE4 installer provided by simplygon, I point the custom path to my root folder (i’ve tried several folders) and choose install. It says its done, but when i go look for the “Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\NotForLicensees\Simplygon” or the “Engine\Source\ThirdParty\NotForLicensees” they don’t exist. The installer isn’t copying anything into my engine folders and there is no information besides “Done”.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Ok, I got the installer to install the files correctly. Perforce had my directory locked down so it couldn’t be installed, but the installer doesn’t error just says done. After I made the directory writeable, the files were created just fine.

However, i’m not seeing simplygon turn on in the editor or start up in the output log. How do I tell the editor that simplygon needs to be loaded? In their video, there was no more steps to follow?