Simplygon dead ?

was anyone able to use Simplygon after Microsoft took them over ? There was an announcement in december and ever since that the company has gone completely silent. Also, you don’t get an indie license anymore at their site. It appears that the company is inactive now, you don’t see further announcement, licensing appears to be shut down… really weird.

I’d be surprised if it goes dark just like that, us indie’s don’t hear about it much but it’s widely used in the AAA industry and for it to just disappear would leave a big gap in the inventory.

It’s been dead for several months. Don’t get your hopes up…

Quake champions use it and it’s still in development… dunno what’s gonna happen for indies…

And resident evil 7 too(as dlc are being made).Glad to still have it in udk xd

Either they don’t need indie clients anymore or are forced to work on specific game integrations now that micro$oft own them.
So why bother with marketing, community support/communication and etc…