Simplygon 8 seems to bew now 100% free

Hey guys,
I just got a mail from Simplygon… seems that tehy are back and also complete free from now on.
This is really amazing since lod creation is one of the worst parts in 3d modeling, at least for me.

Wait really? Like, for commercial purposes, no more 5% royalty, -and- it’s free?

It seems like it

Also what does “one node per year” mean?

I’m guessing that means only one computer can use it.

I just installed simplygon… everything is working just fine except the plugin for UE4… After installingf the plugin there is nothing to find in Ue4.
Anyone here tryed it alreday out ?

And im really curious if there is any catch to this whole free thing… I mean we all know Microsoft right.

Of course there is a catch. The free version only works on Windows 10 (minor annoyance), requires you to be online (medium annoyance) and has only “standard” UE4 integration (You have to pay $25k per year for advanced integration) (major annoyance).

What the difference between standard and advanced is I am not sure, as standard seems to work with UE4 source. Perhaps access to the Simplygon source?

The important features are working… I think this is the most important. Even i dont like i hava to use Windows 10 because of DX12… The requires to be online point, yeah it’s anoying but Simplygon handeled this before Microsoft the same way.
I think the only difference between standard and pro is just the source part.

Has anyone managed to get it working?
I installed the plugin, the licensing wizard says that the licence is valid, but after launching UE there’s this the log and nothing more:

Am I missing something?

I’m have the same issue…

Nice, I can’t even get that far. The license wizard isn’t working here…


So much for “”“free”"".

Wow, that’s actually a pretty painful downgrade. Maybe I’ll stick to the old Simplygon for a while.

Man, I wish Microsoft would make a game engine and integrate Simplygon and Havok physic in it for free.

hmm, But the say all features for free, there are even Simplygon tutorials out for UE4.

All those features are available for free in their app not in the UE4 integration.

This is at least what they are showing on youtube about the UE4 plugin… i mean at least it is for free right :cool:
I can see defenetely some use in it…

Vertex Weights in Unreal Engine
HLODs in Unreal Engine
Static meshes in Unreal Engine

LOD Groups in Unreal Engine
Level Streaming in Unreal Engine
Standins in Unreal Engine
Unreal Engine Animation
Unreal Engine Actor Merging

I’ll wait a bit to hopefully get some clarification how those different tools work with the “standard” integration. If it means that we’ll have to use an external tool for some of those specific functions, fair enough, but if they’re outright disabled, no need to bother as far as I’m concerned.

yeah i see it the same way… some clarification would be very helpful…

How could i get the free license,I can’t find way to do this ! If anyboday know tell me please,Thank you!:stuck_out_tongue:

You need to go to than you can login with your Microsoft account, which is free to register.
After registration you will get through the simplygon site the SDK and also your license.