Simply looking for precedural eye mat with specific need

Project Title:none (personal use only)

Description:I’m a simple hobbyist animator seeking to try UE4 for filmaking purpose with the help of the recently released ARR plugin, therefore my current project is for non-comercial use only and stricly related to filmaking.

Working mostly alone except when I need very precise things outside of my skill field, which is the case here.

I would need someone capable to make an procedural eye material for animation purpose, therefore special things are needed for that mat as listed below…

  • Pupil size/shrink controlable (with cat eye option).
  • Pupil drag the dilatation of the iris.
  • Iris color controlable (with various mask for several color combo option).
  • Control of the overall eye size.
  • Heterochromia option with color control.
  • Eye movement will be driven by a bone driven material.
  • The eye mat is intended for cartoonish character on a non-spherical eye (Sonic like).

I am willing to pay 50 USD for the job
You can contact me directly by PM or…
Mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: Novarek#2045


EDIT [10/04]: the job offer has been filled and so it is closed for now, thanks.