Simply Amazing

I’ve only spent about 20 or so hours inside of the 4.8.3 (following tutorials) and I must say that for the first time since when I was a kid programming on an Atari 400/800 that I have this giddy feeling. I am simply in awe at what can be done with the Unreal Editor. I’m going to my wife, saying… Hey… Look at this or that. And, she’s like… “That’s nice…” Anyway, I just wanted to write a note of thanks for all the folks responsible for the creation of UE4…you guys / gals rock!

  • teak

I was just like this on my first project as well :smiley: Isn’t it cool?

Hi teak421,

I’m happy to hear that you are having a great time with the editor!

Happy Unreal’ing :wink:

when I first time bought ue4 I was so happy and few days later ue4 went free. I still don’t belive that ue4 is free. :slight_smile:

Ue4 = Best engine ever
Epic Games = simply Epic

One thing that I think helps folks like me is those tutorial series… Often, I have no idea where to start. For example, UMG. Watched a twitch series and I was like…cool. This helps. So, suggestion, keep those tutorials going. I know most of the folks here are not noobs, but still…

PS: Tutorial request… How to make a procedural created galaxy… For example… Put in the number of systems and for each system there are random planet types (and sun type) and moons around the planets. And, attached to each planet / moon are random variables that can be used in other places. (i.e. resources). BONUS: how to make them spiral, clustered, etc. <smiles>

its c++ only, huge amount of procedural generation is extremely inefficient in bp