Simplistic vs Complex Game Design


Was just wondering what you all thought on simplistic games vs complex games, such as plants vs zombies (lane based tower defence game) vs clash of clans (multiplayer, orphagraphic top down etc) as ive come to realise that simple games sometimes do as well as complex one and as a noobie game designer, i want to tap into what makes these simple games work so well compared to more complex models and versions of the same genre.

Flappy bird vs angry birds

Games made by Ketchap


plants vs zombies is more complex than clash of clans

so many strategery for plants vs zombies

One of my favourite games is Worms. Hearthstone is also not the most complicated TCG or game on the planet (but would be a large project for a small team I think). I believe that good stylized games work well, and make sure you know who your market is. Target as many platforms as you can if building such a simple game.

From a game design POV, I don’t think I’d describe any of the aforementioned games as ‘complex games’.