Simplistic Sci-Fi Arena FPS

I have some ideas for an Simple Arena FPS ( Think Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament(2019) )

The game will include Gametype: Duel, TDM, DM and CTF – with the ability to bunny hop. Pickup Items will be throughout as in the usual AFPS. With that said, this game will not be like other Arena FPS games. There is going to be some fun additions to the gameplay! – with enhanced movement mechanics. I’m wanting to take the best from the more popular AFPS titles and add our own twist to things as well!

The theme is semi-realistic(in looks) and sci-fi!

I am in need of:

1 3D Artist (with knowledge of UV Unwrapping and Texture Painting preferred)

Having a good knowledge of github is a plus and you will be expected to put in at least 9 hours per week!

Leave a comment here if interested or PM me with your FULL Discord Username (includes a 4 digit number #xxxx). We can organize a Discord chat etc. and go from there!

I might be able to help. PM me if you are still looking :slight_smile: I am an environment and texture artist. Discord jacobparise#0636