Simplify and centralise

Whilst I love UE, I think in a lot of case scenario’s things don’t always make that much sense and seems complicated just for the sake of being complicated. Recently we stripped apart the shooter demo and re-built it into BP’s whist still having our own backend .DLL’s re-cycled into the system. We came across some odd things like the following:

Were still learning, so if I’m in-correct any points please let me know.

The level base (map list) is set in editor, but then also referenced in an .INI file. We found the .INI overwrites what the editor specifies, so what’s the point in the editor specifying? Wouldn’t it just be better having a map list with a index number assigned to it from the editor only? Something you can just reference (in both code and BP).

What is with the Pawn system and derivatives? There seems to be an over-write and re-reference for all sorts of things, so you’re constantly checking in multiple locations and advanced options / submenu’s for something that could simply be achieved in a central location.! If you have a player character, that’s all you really need you don’t need over-rides from a derived player controller which is then derived from a game mode (which then can be over-written :D).

On that thought? What’s the point in the pawn system? It’s the sort of framework you’d use for an FPS (yes I get different actor components get more derivatives and does different things, it still don’t make sense in a GO system).

There seems to be some really odd inconstancies, if you have a mesh variable referencing well obviously a mesh. Why can’t you connect it to something like “set static mesh”? When you can drop a static mesh into the PC then reference it and it works fine. It’s the same thing? You’re essentially referencing a game object in the exact same way?

The odd thing is, for all the derivatives UE can be really funny when you expose public variables and then reference them in persona for example. Ideally it would be nice if you could drag the variable from the PC or folder into persona and then drop them in.

This is a just a small sample, there’s tons of weird things…

POINT BEING!. There’s ways around it, it’s not a showstopper or a massive issue… But it’d be nice if Epic can think about workflow and iteration, make things a little easier to get through without spending ages checking for a single checkbox hidden away that needs un-ticking and fixes the issue. It might be worth going back, cleaning things up and doing a logic / sanity check.

P.S Of course some derivative systems can be highly beneficial within a “game” framework.