simplifiying in range blue print.

Im working on an RPG and have written this BP when leveling up the player will gain stat points which they can place into what ever stat they want (Strength, dexterity, Vitality etc) think D&D or ragnarok online.


The BP DOES work but i feel like I have (unintentionally) overcomplicated it. Is there a simpler way of doing what I’ve done here or am i better off just collapsing this to a function and moving on?

The start and end link into the level up BP. They arent connected here because i moved this group away to work on it.

Thanks, appreciate any help.

If you made the stat gains per level math based, you could write an equation. Otherwise I think a compare int node might be a bit cleaner. I’m tired right now so I did some pseudo math code.

if (PlayerLevel % 10 == 0)
StatGainPerLevel = 7 * PlayerLevel / 10;
StatGainPerLevel = Ceiling(PlayerLevel / 10) + 1;

PlayerLevel = 5

5 % 10 = 5.
**5 **/ 10 = .5
ceiling = 1
Final: 1 + 1 = 2.


PlayerLevel = 20

**20 **% 10 = 0
Final: 7 * **20 **/ 10 = 14

Thanks for the advice Aesais, I did consider doing something like that but i have a very specific final point count that i want to maintain, the level cap is 50 and in total you can get 228 points, it is that specific for a reason and doing it through math just makes the calculations way too difficult for my over worked grey cells :smiley:

appreciate the effort you’ve put in here though. thanks.