SimplexNoise2D, how to with chunks

Hi there,

I have made a grid with procedural mesh and I want to use perlin noise to give each tile in the grid a certain UV coordinate to apply different looks. I spawn several of those grids so create a bigger map so lets call them chunks.
I calculate the center location of each tile and use this data to feed the x and y in the perlin noise 2D (using the simplexnoise plugin) I thought that my center calculation would be in world space and that therefore the perlin noise should just continue smoothly, but it doesnt.

Here is my code:

What else I tried:
Different center location calculations
Feeding noise with tilecenterX+chunklocationX, tilecenterY+chunklocationY

I dont really understand why its not working. I assumed that by providing continues X+Y data the noise function would work fine, maybe thats wrong.
Hope you guys have some advice for me.