Simplest way to make False node to plug into a Boolean input node

I’ve been trying to disable gravity on an object and its really giving me a hard time. Whats the simplest way to make a false node to plug into a bool hole? See image for example. Is there a simple way quick way to make a FALSE (or for example anything , like TRUE or a simple string, etc) to plug it in, because I can’t get gravity to switch off. Thanks.

Somebody has to know! Its a bit upsetting because I am a former Unity user, and you use to be able to do something simple like object.SetGravity(false); or something like that! Unreal can’t be that much harder right?

Hi malospam,

If you right click the value of the “make literal bool”, you can promote that to a Boolean variable and at the bottom of the details pane can set it to true or false with a checkbox. Have a great day!

Thanks that seemed to work. The ball is moving though towards me and then hits the ground. I am assuming this is related to some sort of wind variable. Is there a way to remove the wind form this object or whatever is pushing it?

I used SetAllPhysicsLinearVelocity to 0 and it worked. Thanks :slight_smile: