Simplest way to add an object to a model

I’m looking on the simples way to add an item to hand of a main character. I was wondering if there was a tutorial, specifically about this that someone can refer me to. I searched youtube, but alot of the tutorials are long and skip a lot of needed detail. An example is, lets say the third person template character hits a gun model on the floor. I would want the gun model to be in his hands. Also just putting it in his hands from the beginning would also be good.

UE4 uses something called sockets to attach things together, like guns and a characters hands, UE4 and socket should bring up a lot of documentation and tutorials.

Check out tesla’s tutorial:

Yeah, I have right clicked on the bone and added a socket. It just doesn’t seem to let me add anything. I’ll look at Tesla’s tutorial and see if that helps. Louscam, I went to that link, and it provides a link to his Twitch page, but I tried to find saved videos there without success. Surely there is a video on how to attach a weapon to a hand or socket?

I found this link, I think this might help: Using Sockets With Static Meshes in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation