Simplest setup for texture blend based on height / angle

Hi. I want to make a simple material blend setup for two textures with their normal maps. I need to create similar effect ( it’s called texture blend based on height as far as I know ) to this seen in 0:11 of this movie .

I want rocks ( cliffs ) to appear on certain angle of ground, and I want to have grass below, like this one

I know it can be achieved somehow with “World_Aligned_Blend” function/node

Can someone help me ?

Take a look at the material from the vehicle demo :slight_smile:

Hi. I did this long time ago. It’s complicated as hell. I know there are simpler ways to get the same effect.

Please someone ?

I created my setup, but it doesn’t work. Maybe someone could help me ?


Your setup should work, you will have to play with the bias and sharpness. Depending on the scale of your landscape the numbers required are usually very sensitive.

Just to get it working, don’t bother with more layers and use alpha out instead of explicit normal. Then you can do the others.

I Cannot get it to work properly :frowning:



This should help, contrast/brightness is the key to getting the gradient you want between the 2 materials.

I created this last year (I’ve since refined it), hopefully you’ll find what you were looking for. Not only can you blend between two textures, but you can now (with the new texture sample limit) generate a realistic landscape material based solely on height, angle limit, and randomization.

i use sharpness of 24 and it was good for my map