Simplest Multiplayer Example

Could anyone please direct me to the simplest blueprint multiplayer example making use of host and join. I’ve been searching around the net and I’ve seen some good ones but they’re all pretty advanced, relative to my beginner status.

The most promising one seemed to be the Shootout example but then that got pretty complex pretty fast as well with menus and widgets and states and casts and macros and session callers and transitions, etc. I know enough to know that a simple example doesn’t need to be this complex.

In a perfect world, someone created a guide that starts a third person project and adds host/join functionality with the H and J keys. Just a few blueprint screenshots and a few quick sentences on where to put each. It’s gotta be out there but I can’t find it so far.

Unreal 4 - Multiplayer Lobby Tutorial

It’s a little bit more complicated than what you’re asking for I believe. But it is aimed at providing the quickest way to achieve such a thing. You can skip the Widget part and bind the events I’m using on your keyboard keys if you want.

Yeah that’s a good one. I’ve watched part of it already and have all the videos saved on my desktop. Was gonna go back to it to learn level traveling after I learned multiplayer. But it just may be the most to-the-point tutorial out there. Thank you.