Tired of not having a Simple Rope 2D? Or you don’t want a Simple Rope 2D? Then you can turn your Simple Rope 2D into a bridge for $̶4̶.̶9̶9̶ Free! With the power of Simple Rope 2D!


  • A Simple Rope 2D 100% blueprinted.
  • A Simple Rope 2D of your choice.
  • A Simple Rope 2D with collision.
  • A Simple Rope 2D that can turn into a bridge!

Download now at your nearest Google Drive Link!
Nearest Google Drive Link Here.

Unreal Engine 4.12 not included. Additional Pylons may be required. Items not sold separately.

thank you share!

Fantastic addition! This is one of the best communities ever! Thanks a ton!

Now about those Pylons… does my hidden one count? :cool:

I think your hidden pylon requires its own pylon. But I’m glad you guys like. Its kinda unfinished and if you have question just let me know. I’ll be glad to help.

Oh that’s cool! I remember back in the days where half of the physics games (online) were like that!
Can you spawn that dynamically like a swinging rope to attach a player to (+ reduce/increase joint length) on runtime?

I was actually trying to attach it to another actor during run time but it can only attach to components. I think you should be able to just attach your player to an component that follows the last link or just put it into the player blueprint and attach from there.

Each link is put into an array. So for increasing it wouldn’t be a problem since its just basically adding a physic constraint and attaching the component to the last link. For decreasing should be the same. Destroy the sprite and break the constraint then move the component to the new last link.

This is just a theory though not sure how the outcome would turn out.

I don’t mean adding and removing actual joints. I just want to use a single part of the wire as a swinging hook

Ahh, that’s what you meant. Then yeah you can, just do a forloop and add the offset to the constraints, but because it uses sprites it’ll look spaced out. You’ll have to add/stretch sprites to fill in the blank space. I did make it to be a base rope for anyone that wants to learn or use it and possibly expand on.

Also for spawning just set the variable start and end to the location needed.

Got it. I may try something that gets generated(or tiled) as well

Awesome of you to release this for free. How hard would it be for someone to make it work with 4.15? Is a math wizard required?