SimpleAssetEditor doesn't use property customizations


If I right click an asset in the content browser and do “Bulk Edit Via Property Matrix” the “SimpleAssetEditor” appears and shows the properties on an asset.

However, none of the default custom property layouts are applied (e.g. FStringAssetReference appears as a string in a texbox and not as object picker).

I see that RegisterInstancedCustomPropertyLayout must be called on the detailsview to register them.

Is this by design?

It is a pity the default ones don’t work because they make editing easier especially for FStringAssetReference type.

Hi Kevin,

We don’t currently apply property customizations in the property matrix, as we ran into issues with complex customizations not displaying properly and causing other issues. Rather, we just show a flat tree with all of the properties on that actor.

The property matrix is a bit dated, and is more likely to see a full refactor at some point than individual upgrades. Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to work on it at this time.