Simple Widget button calling BP Custom Event not working

I am having trouble making Widget button calling Custom Event from Actor Blueprint working.

I have made variable in widget that is reference to actor blueprint where custom event is located.
Here are screenshots, what am I missing? Widget is created in Level BP, and is always on screen.

Custom Event:


Widget Button calling Custom Event:


This solved my problem, but I don’t like solution.

I am firing one Event Dispatcher in UI Widget, listening to it in First Person BP, then firing another Event Dispatcher in First Person BP to listen to it in Walls BP.

The reason is that I used “Get All Actors of Class” in Walls BP even I know it is not good to use it, as any other try to get good reference for binding Custom Event didn’t worked.
I was making Player variable that is reference to First Person Character, but it was not able to sucessfully bind Custom Event. So here are final results, even I don’t like them.

Menu Calling Dispatcher:

First Person Blueprint:

And finally working Walls BP: