Simple Wheeled Vehicle Movement Component Documentation

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I am trying out the new Simple Wheeled Vehicle Movement Component, introduced in 4.14. However, I can’t find any documentation on this. Did anyone here make any experiences with the new Component? Can somebody explain how to setup a custom vehicle with it?
I would be thankful for any advice :).

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It looks the same really, I have just added it as a component in an actor and can add wheels the same way as the old wheeled vehicle. I’m just setting one up now so ill tell you if doing it this way works.

I got it working -

Make a new Pawn Actor Blueprint and add a skeletal mesh component make it the root, configure its animation and mesh the same way as usual and enable physics and add collision preset

Add a Simple wheeled vehicle component and set up the wheels as normal

Simulate that and it works fine. Tune as you need.

Where does the ‘simple’ come in? Can I configure the gearbox/torque/whatever by myself? Lack of documentation is really hurting…

+1 for the lack of documentation its like to release an airplane for commercial use and do not send the manual or train the pilot.

I don’t get the option to add a Simple wheeled vehicle component. How can I add this to my pawn? I’m trying to make a motorbike and following the current tutorials seems to lead me in the wrong direction.

Heyho, digging out an old thread here!

Can you tell us how you got the simple vehicle movement component to work?

I did like you said in this quote, but my vehicle doesn’t move.

I don’t have a VehicleAnimInst blueprint, but that shouldn’t be the problem, because that’s only for the wheels spinning. The throttle itself simply isn’t working.

My problem is when I try to animate a car using additive animations, it simply doesn’t work with a WheeledVehicle (VehicleAnimInstance), there seems to be a bug since v4.14… (see here)
my hope was that the simple vehicle movement component can help me with this…

Any advice?


I’m still playing around with this and I’m seeing a similar issue. I’ve got a new pawn with a skeletal mesh component and Simple Wheeled Movement Component. No movement when I trigger Set Throttle Input in blueprint. Maybe the wheels are set incorrectly? Or the physics asset perhaps? Is there a way of me testing that ignores the mesh I’m using, just to get the simple movement working?

I checked my wheels a hundred times already… it’s not like you can do anything wrong… if you named the bones correctly, there’s only your Wheel type, which only is for setting a custom steer angle and all that stuff, so the default should work, but it doesn’t either.

Yeah it’s driving me crazy. I made an Imgur album with a rundown of everything in my Pawn. Do you see if I’ve done anything obviously wrong? Like you said, I’m just following the instructions, how could I be so off?

@Benni.Lodge, I don’t think the simple wheeled vehicle works for less than 4 wheels.

I did it with 4 and the vehicle inputs (eg throttle and steer) wont work… Or at least I don’t get it to work…

I know it’s been a long time but could you possibly tell us what we could be doing wrong or how you managed to do this?

tried the simple component recently and couldn’t get it to move, tbh i can’t be bothered trying to work out the errors when epic hasn’t even bothered with some basic doc’s

The blog post for 4.14 says “New: Added “Simple Wheeled Vehicle Movement” Component which allows for n wheels with no motor simulation”. Just getting it to move would be a success at the mo.

I try and even gravity don’t work.

ok did some research on it

video is longer than i planned , main thing is what you do with the axis inputs in the event graph, though i do try to cover the other standard issues people may have.
and yes atm its a 4 wheel version i test on

Ouh, nice!

Thanks for your help, I’m going to try this!

Thanks Geodav, that was really useful. For anyone just scanning the thread, the major difference I noticed from dav’s video was use of the “Set Drive torque” and “Set steer angle” nodes, instead of “Set throttle input” and “Set steering input”.

Dav, when I try to add the tyre to my wheel setups, it says the data type is deprecated.

How then do I add the correct friction to my tyres? Also, incase anyone was wondering. I managed to get my motorbike working with just two wheels.

I’ve been a berk. I see now that you’re supposed to use TireConfig and not TireType.