Simple way to Teleport an Actor?

Hello, I haven’t been able to find a blueprint tutorial yet for a simple trigger onactorbeginoverlap teleport player to target. I’ve attached the script that I would have assumed would work in Kismet but it does not in the new Blueprints system. I’ve played with a few different inputs and tried messing with the destination but it mostly seems to be a problem with the teleporter knowing what to teleport? I also need to know if I am correctly telling the Teleport function to use the location of a TargetPoint as the destination location. If anyone can help me wire this up correctly, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

As an aside, I have gone through the other answer on here for “teleport on spawn (event begin play)” and have hooked this teleport up in a very similar manner but it does not teleport the player. I have also tried plugging the Other Actor from OnActorBeginOverlap directly into the Teleport Target and also tried having neither target wired at all. None of these teleported the player to the target location!

I should also point out that this teleporter is built in the Level Blueprint in case that is wrong.


Try using Set Actor Location instead of Teleport:

This simple setup seems to be what you are after.


That did it! Thank you Wes!

i’m trying to get a gun that lets you teleport to where it hits, but it keeps getting the location as soon as i fire it! is there any way to get the location after an event?

nevermind, now i have a new problem. it is still glitchy and annoying, but not only does it do the thing (although it does teleport farther) i land in a wall! it seems impossible to fix! i really need help on this.

Hi ,

Are you using a bsp as your wall or a static mesh? If you are using a bsp they are hollow and traces do not work properly on these, so you will appear within the hollow bsp. To fix this you can either use static meshes instead of bsp’s or use a blocking volume within your bsp to block the trace.

that fixes one problem, but how do i get a location after a hit event?

How did you set the BP exactly? You should be able to get hit location if you are using a trace.

never mind, i got it! you spawn an emmiter and use that location! but thanks for the starltic mesh advice! thank you !

Hi I have a scene which i have some rooms and i have added target points on that room so I want the player to move to those points whenever I press a button such as w/s (like w to go to next target point and s to come back to previous).
Please help ASAP…
Thanks in advance

Hi AgentGhost,

Try the move actor to location setup wes suggested below with a specific key triggered.

I tried that but how i want is like when i press w it should move to lets say target 1 and another press it will move to target 2. and also i want the actor to walk to the target not just popup in the target.
Thanks any way for the response…

Wow that sounds gr8 I didnt think of it. Thanks buddy let me c how it comes.

Hi AgentGhost,

At that point I would try using a matinee that triggers when you press each individual key. You can set it up so that the player character moves along a prescribed path to key destinations.

I’m extremely new to UE and am trying to do just this, I now have a setup that is identical to the image above, only missing the last blue square with TargetPoint1.

I find no way to add a reference to my TargetPoints. If I add them as a component of the blueprint it becomes a Child Actor and cannot be referenced. How do I reference targetpoint?

If you have a target point in the level, select the instance you are looking for in your world outliner, then right click in your level blueprint and select “get targetpoint”

This tutorial is Brill. Just 1 thing. When another player goes in the teleport is teleports me aswell, Any reason why this could be? I have 2 teleporters in the map


You have it set to player controller 0, not to the player controller who owns the pawn.

Thank you for the reply. Just wondering on how does 1 set it to player controller 0. Many thanks

there are two things you can do in this instance. Drag off of your “Other Actor” node from your overlap and create a “Get Instigator Controller” and from that return value do a “Get Controlled Pawn”, or if you are using a teleporter blueprint, select your trigger volume and create a “OnCOmponentBeginOverlap”, drag off from “Other Body Index” and do a “Get Player Pawn”. The second option may give you more consistent results than the first but it depends on how you are setting up your teleporter.