Simple Wall Running V2 Released!

[FONT=Arial Black]SIMPLE WALL RUN V2 is now for sale!

You can now purchase here:

It is in the legal/content delivery stage for the Marketplace but if you are like me I’m ready to let it out there. For now it will be the same price here as in the Marketplace.

Simple Wall Run is an online ready, 100% Blueprint solution to Wall Running and Wall Jumping. It is easy to integrate into any project and allows for a configurable number of wall jumps, custom wall jump heights etc…

Version 2 features smoother more consistent wall running and a few bug fixes.

//------------------ “So what’s in the download”---------------

  1. All the project files, Blueprints, and animBlueprints.

  2. A nifty PDF explaining every nook and cranny of Simple Wall Run including a FAQ.

  3. EULA.

Simple Wall Run is the first in a series of Simple Actions which may include things like climbing, melee, etc. No ETA on future Simple Actions just yet.

Email me at if you have any problems or questions. I will also be here to answer some when I have the free time.

Thank you all! Hope you enjoy it!