Simple Wall Run V6 and Simple Climbing Update!

Simple Wall Run Version 6 brings the asset up to par with UE4.10. It also introduces full body first person, better performance, smoother rotations out of wall runs. You can find Simple Wall Run on the asset store now, however this new version will be available soon.

This is the first footage of my next asset, Simple Climbing. It’s still early and a work in progress. Especially the animations, which many will be replaced or heavily worked on before release. Inverse Kinematics for the hands and feet will be added soon.

Simple Climbing is primarily a procedural edge finding, ledge climbing system. I will add a node system as well, for things like flat walls that may have cracks in the texture, that you want to climb. This is necessary where there is no geometry that can be found on the fly. Or if collision geometry is too complex to reliably grab edges, you can have a box or area which only searches for nodes. I will continue to support and update through out the life of this blueprint. And it wont cost 100+ dollars like some other assets out there. It’s likely to be close to the $29 - $39 range. There are some things in the works, which if they go through may land me motion capture animations for the final product, or at least a future version. But no promises at the moment.

And last, I’d like to give a big thank you to the many people who have bought and supported Simple Wall Run! I never thought it would do so well, seeing as it’s pretty niche. So thanks again and I’d love to hear what you guys think of the new update and Simple Climbing!

Will definitely be getting your Simple Climbing system as soon as it’s released, thank you! :slight_smile:

Same here.

when will this be released and how much will it cost(if its as cheap as simple wallrun i will buy it) thank you if you respond

when will simple climbing be released? (when it is i will buy):wink: