Simple Wall Run - Online wall running and wall jumping solution -Blueprints.

Simple Wall Run is an online ready, light weight solution to wall running and wall jumping made entirely with blueprints. Configurable number of wall jumps allowed before hitting the ground. Easily change the height of the wall jump. This is one of many Simple Actions to come, all will be module pieces easily added or removed.



I’ve began the first step and submitted! I hope it makes it all the way to trello and beyond.

Looks like the beginnings of a good “parkour” game!

Thank you! You might like this then ->

Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about… I had just typed the message and the play list was playing in the background. Closed the tab and saw the link playing above. Awesome game idea! Looks great so far -can’t wait to see it fleshed out!

All made with BPs? Using Alex3D’s method?

All made in blueprints, but I did not use Alex3D’s climbing system, I made my own. It is kind of similar though using line traces and what not. I couldn’t use his for several reasons, but one being he relies on root motion and I couldn’t imagine trying to make that big of a system network ready, gives me the chills. I needed my own climbing solution, so I built one from the ground up with my own animations and uses in mind.

Excellent work. Will purchase when released.

Version 3 is realeased! It is on its way to the Marketplace and is live over at sellfy:
Now you can edit the duration, height and length of a Wall Run by changing the value of two new variables. Simple as that. Want really long but low Wall Runs? Set NewGravity to below 1, set Wall Run Height below the normal 600 value. Want high but fast Wall Runs that don’t go as far? NewGravity above 1, Wall Run Height above the normal value. Mix any of these to get any kind of Wall Run.

And of course the new functions are still online compatible.