Simple Wall Run on sale! 30% OFF! New update coming very soon!


First I want to thank everyone for all the support and feedback!

Simple Wall Run is on sale this week and the new version is [removed: coming soon] out, although it oddly says its for version 4.7 in the launcher before you install but it will show 4.8 after you run it.

Here is a video of the new update:

This new version will make Simple Wall Run compatible with UE4.8 as well as add new control to Wall Jumps.

You can now control the height and push off of a wall when you Wall Jump. I also removed some math redundancies and an issue with wall normals that might cause inconsistent rotations while Wall Running. Now Wall Runs are much more reliable and smoother rotating.

Version 3 added more control to Wall Runs, allowing you to do high but short Wall Runs, or long and shallow ones. By changing two variables you could get any type of Wall Run. Now in Version 4 you will be able to have the same control for Wall Jumps by changing a few variables.

Version 4 has been submitted and it is only a matter of time until it gets updated.

Side note: If you had any issues installing or getting stuck “syncing”, they have been resolved [confirmed by Epic as well as tested by myself].


In a future version of Simple Wall Run, I intend to add a first person mode and hopefully one that is Oculus ready.

I am currently creating Simple Climbing which will solve all of the issues with current climbing systems. It will be reliable, intuitive and extremely easy to set up. Not to mention I hope to get all motion capture animations, but we will see how that goes. I am aiming for a September release, it will also have a first person mode.

Just picked it up :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to the first person update especially, though I suspect if I integrated what’s there into my project it would work with my FP setup anyway. The climbing system sound great as well, especially the first person part! And VR support :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it.
I’m a big fan this wall run.

Hey, @JonWest, you know how they managed to solve the turning 360º on the loop shaped ramp in advanced car template?

I found nothing in blueprints, and is not the C++ version.


I’m not sure luny, I haven’t checked it out yet but I will most definitely do so soon. I’ve been researching how to get around gimbal lock in blueprints to allow running on ceilings but the rotators use Euler angles instead of quaternions.

I’ve read somewhere that using combine rotators some how can get around this as it uses a quaternion in the background.

And thank you n00854180t!! I will do my best to get those features in Simple Wall Run while getting Simple Climbing out there all the same.

Hm. I might know someone who can help you with the ceiling thing. Want me to get him in touch with you?