Simple walking people needed to populate architectural visualisation


We are building a virtual architectural simulation to visualize how the future building will look like and function.
The user will be walking around as in first person game.
The user will control the view by Natural User Interface - we have build in Kinect functionality to it and
also the user will be able to control the view using gamepad and keyboard as standard solutions.

We have build the whole building with the surroundings in UE4 but we are struggling with populating the scene with people with simple walking movements, to give an idea that this is a busy place and not a “ghost city” with no people in it.

Can anybody help us to find the best way how to do it - there is no need for complicated movement animations, the people should just wonder around or stand in groups or sit on benches

Maybe you know where we can find such a think to buy as an ready made assets.

Or maybe you know where we could find somebody with skills to do it for us - it would be a paid job
we have already placed a post here
but no response as yet

please help