Simple vehicle accelerates on wrong axis

What I did was import a .fbx model, made the physics asset collisions

set up the WheeledVehicle blueprint spring arm, camera and wheels pic2

set up the standard WASD throttle/steering input and when I start the game, if you look at pic2, you can see that the camera is looking at the back of the car. But when I start the game, the camera is looking at it’s side, like the vehicle mesh had rotated by 90 degrees. The car also accelerates sideways which is in the direction the camera is pointing and the steering is really really sluggish. This is how it looks like while I play the game:

I’ve tried rotating the model in my 3D software and reimporting, changing the Yaw import rotation and reimporting(this did fix the camera but not the acceleration).

Fixed, in case anyone ever has the same problem the front of the vehicle should be facing towards the X axis, rotating the pivot did it for me.

Read the documentation here:

you saved me Thank you very much