Simple user controlled perspective switch?

Hi guy, I am new here but have been working with UE4 this past month as part of my university assignment. I am currently stuck at the part where I need to demonstrate camera angles; mainly a user controlled switch (either in-game or a key on the controller) which moves between first and third person & visa versa.

I have follow two tutorials but failed to get any results (nothing happens!) when I play the game and try to switch. I tried them both three times, each time in a new project, in-case I had missed something but it doesn’t seem I have. Here are the scripts I used along with a link to the guide I used.


From :



I am sure there should be an easier way for me to demonstrate a first/third person user controlled switch right?
Any help would be much appreciated, thanks! :smiley:

judging from your BP, you might want to find out what fires “ShoulderCam” custom event.
As key pressing only open/close the gate+do some animation, actual zoom-in part happen only when the gate is open and when ShoulderCam event is fired.