Simple Touch Movements ?

Hi everybody !


I have this lamp, and everything works perfectly on my computer I can press the left mouse button and turn around it and when I scroll I can zoom on it.
I would like to do the same thing with touch on a tablet (pinch to zoom and just with one finger turn around it) but after many researches and tests I don’t find any way to make it work.
How can I do that with touch gesture on a tablet?

Thanks in advance


I was also very frustrated by touch interface. UMB (and esp Border widget) have some touch interface functions, but it all is quite messed up. I could not find solution that is simple and works for whole screen.

So my solution was to read touch locations and process them in blueprints. Works reall well, but it is not case of simple explaining how to do it. You kind of need whole blueprint and it is not in state that can be shared (need some polishing work and documentation).

Are you talking about UMG?
Because I don’t understand why something as simple as a swipe (one finger) or a pinch (that is an automated input in blueprint) doesn’t work :frowning: