Simple to use Dialogue System with logic in Blueprints

Hi there. It’s my first post and i’m presenting you simple to use dialogue system with logic controlled in blueprints.
It’s not finished yet, but here are the screenshots.

great! keep working! i love this!


  • Added text formatting (FString::Printf), so i can put variables into the text (both answers and dialogue text).
  • Added answer locking, which enables me to lock the answer if the requirements are not met.

This is awesome! I am working on a basic dialogue system as well for a tutorial. Yours is a lot further along than mine though!

Thanks! I’m glad you like it! Looking forward for your tut.
I forgot to mention that you can also change the dialogue, so you can build a conversation.

Event graph screenshot.

The graphs are too small to see anything. But cool for you to share.

Yes, unfortunately, your pics are too hard for me to read. It’s a shame. because you are demonstrating exactly the kind of thing I would like to do.

Thank You for sharing. This is really fantastic…as others stated…the pics are too small to read and try to replicate your demonstration.

Thanks guys for the replies.

The graph screenshots are just an overview of how simple the graph is.
For the record, the Dialogue Widget is made in Slate(cpp) and the rest is created in the blueprint.
The system is still in a WIP state, so i won’t be releasing any detailed graph screenshots for now.

So i made a gif to visualize how it looks in game. (Dialogue texts and graphic assets are just placeholders)

That is awesome!

Looks amazing and promising! Kudos, it’ll be nice to actually see a better screenshot of your graphs