Simple texturing ability question in UE4 : wrapping a texture around a cylinder


  1. Forgive me if this is the wrong place to put this. I am not looking to anything about rendering or making videos or anything like that. It is a simple texturing question. I use Google Sketchup to make simple things. One very simple thing is, for example, making a can of coke by making a cylinder and simply wrapping it around the can for the middle part of the can. Very easy and straightforward. I get many problems on import. So I was wondering, is there any way , inside the Unreal Engine itself to create a primitive cylinder and to wrap a simple texture around it. Even if it goes around more than just the middle of the can, that is fine also. So I guess the TLDR version might be can I make a cylinder and wrap it (without tiling) around the cylinder to look like a can of a drink. I am aware of this section in the documentation (…cylindricaluvs) but I was looking for a simpler way as I am still having trouble with this. Thank you so much guys.

  2. My second, and possibly more simple question is how can we use what unreal has unrapped from a model to texture properly. For example, see first the image I uploaded. Can we use that by importing it into a pic program and put the pieces in the right spots? If so, how would I then apply that as you can see in the second image. Thanks!

You could just have it spawn a pre-made cylinder that has the right UV’s and then switch out the texture if you need to adjust it during gameplay.

Can you go a bit more in depth on how to verify getting the “right UV’s” ? I think that is confusing me the most.

that would just be a cylinder where it has cylindrical wrapping already applied, so that whatever texture you want to map to it would work just fine.

Just use a program like Blender, 3dsmax or Maya. Almost all 3d packages have a quick UV unwrap for cylinders. Here are some examples with Blender:

They usually take seconds to perform and for simple objects, like a cylinder, you probably won’t have to do too much playing around with UV islands. At most, you might find yourself scaling the caps up/down or something along those lines.