Simple Text Input Field in Blueprint?

*Hello. Firstly i am sorry i am posting this from my original question on the answerhub but have not had responses and was wondering if this was a better place for the question. Thanks in advance!
I have been trying to figure out how to add a simple text input field into my game but am struggling. I have looked this up and have found a few options using C++, and that is something i want to try in the future when i am more comfortable with C++, but for now i am really enjoying blueprint.

What i would like is a simple method for the player to enter some text and it can be stored to be used as a console command later on. It does not even have to be a box where the input is entered, even if the text is displayed on the screen that is fine.

I have found one video from answerhub showing this and in blueprint as well, and i really appreciate the video it defiantly helps however i cant quite figure it out. Here is the video.

> UE4 Blueprint - Player can type in stuff onto the HUD - YouTube

I can set up most of it, however the part where you have to transfer the variables across blueprints is confusing me. I looked it out and have tried using a blueprint interface however i must be doing it wrong, and i think in the video he is using a ‘macro’ ? although i really am not sure.

Is there any simpler way to do this?

Sorry if i have used wrong terms here or if this is a simple answer.
If anyone can please help me with this it would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot!


What i am looking to implement is :
When the game launches, the player can walk over to a small platform box which has a trigger volume around it, there are 3 different platforms and triggers. One for hosting a listen server, one for joining a local listen server on the same machine, and lastly one for publicly joining a listen server on different machines. Here`s a picture if it helps explain what i am trying to do.

I want it so that if a player goes into the ‘Public Connect’ volume, then the pawn`s input is disabled, and a simple text input box appears on the screen, where the player can enter the public IP of the host, with the port box as well so they can join the server. I Believe i know how to put this all together using console commands and overlap events etc but the thing i am really struggling with is the input field.

Take a look at this: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums In the capturing player input section I give one way that you can get an IP address. Hopefully in the future with UMG this will be easier. - the functions needed to build the variable are under the HUD blueprint graph section

I did come up with something a few weeks ago. Don’t really have much time to explain it all but here’s a few screenshots that might help you. If I need to explain it more let me know I’ll try create a tutorial over the week. My method currently only supports upper and lower case letters (no number or special characters) and backspace to delete. All the nodes in the screenshot are inside the player controller.

Thanks so much for your screenshot! It will defiantly be helpful for me with other parts of my HUD, but unfortunately i need this input field to accept numbers for the IP, but again, thanks a lot. I will give it a go this week!


Wow, thanks so much. That guide is is great, thanks for writing it!
I spent time going through it all and it all works perfectly! I added a simple loading text when i press start game and now i have literally all i need for the time being!


I’m glad it helped, I Kept a copy of just the menu project and clone it when I want to do a multiplayer prototype as a base.