Simple Static Meshes

Hey there!

I’m looking to hire a 3D artist to create a handful of static meshes for ARK: Survival Evolved mods. I have an array of items in mind, ranging from simple structures to advanced animated machinery. If you’re just getting started, you’re welcome to pick one of the more simple items. My current budget is between $25-$100 per item, depending on difficulty (some are as simple as a square box). If you’re interested, or have any questions, my email is listed below. Thanks!

Talent Required:
3D Artist (1)
Ability to export to FBX format.
Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.


Will you also be requiring rigging and animation to be done for those meshes later ?

There’s only one item that might have some animation/rigging, and it’s just to turn a simple wheel to face a certain direction. =)

I can without a doubt help you create anything you can dream up, I mean come on that’s why we all do this because it’s our passion and inner drive to create whats locked away in our minds just send me a message if your still looking, I have the experience :slight_smile:

Hey, I am a 3D prop artist looking for a paid work. I have experience with UE4. Feel free to check my portfolio: