Simple Static Mesh converter (BP - static mesh component to real static mesh)

Hey There!

Amph here.

We run other problem when we developing our game :slight_smile:


We bought many modular packs and often our level designer used blueprint to create houses.
Another problem we using many procedural spawner blueprints which is good,but

We developing an open world game and Blueprint Classes is Awesome, but for many situation real static mesh is better, because we can optimize better! (with lod/hlod, simplygon, merging/batching meshes etc.)


How can we use blueprint spawners/modular builders to simplify our level design workflow but focus on optimizing and performance in same time?
Blueprint classes disalbe many options for us…

Solution 1:

Epic implemented a BP to Static Mesh converter, but this will convert and merge everything from inside BP.
(And i think a littlebit buggy, because dont merge materials, uvs)

But we dont want to merge immediately, we wanna just get static mesh components as real static mesh in our level.

Our Solution:

I created a really simple plugin. Plugin collect static mesh components of selected actors and put in the level with same location/scale/material… After the conversion editor select these meshes, so you can move immediately and you can start your optimizing, merging etc work.

How this work?


Just select BP actors and click Converter Button on toolbar


This is not a big feature, but for us is really usefull…

It doesn’t come with full source code for recompiling. What about UE4 4.15 and upcoming 4.16 then? Are you going to provide updated binaries ?

Hey There, i did not uploaded the source? Mistake were made :smiley:

If i will be home, i fix this error ^^

Would be great to have this plugin for 4.18 :smiley:

There is a source in download ^^
so can be updated to any version actually

can’t get it to compile in 4.18 can you upload a 4.18 version?

I just made a few import changes and it should work now for 4.18

does that version will work in 4.20 ?

is it possible to recompile up to 4.22?

Any chance to have it compiled for 4.24? :slight_smile:

Just passing through and notice this thread.
Interesting plugin btw.
I’m using similar one to convert instanced sm instances to regular static meshes and vice-versa.

Here it is packaged for 4.24…yANEdcR8ll1OdM

will this work for 4.25?

Hello all. I compiled this plugin for 4.25, did a quick test, it is working (see screenshots).
P.S.: Now, PLEASE, how we can have a BP node to do this in runtime? Please. :wink:
Here download for compiled 4.25 version:

Very very helpful!!! Appreciate sharing!! Just the decals do not seem to be set free :frowning: I was too silly to dump everything except for lighting into a static mesh actor blueprint…

Any chance to have it compiled for 4.26? :slight_smile:

or a step by step guide on how to compile for a non-enlightened unicorn pls? (I would love to learn)
I have tried to build according to this tutorial- UE4 - recompiling plugins (Windows & Linux) - YouTube , but got error>

ERROR: Unable to instantiate module ‘UnrealEd’: Unable to instantiate UnrealEd module for non-editor targets.
(referenced via Target -> BP_Converter.Build.cs)