Simple Spline problem

Hello ppl, I have a problem while using simple splines that has me very confused. I created a spline BP in which I have a public variable for the mesh that way I can drag and drop meshes in there to use as a spline. It works… for some meshes and I dunno why. For example I created a simple hollow tube and it works fine but then I cut the same tube in half to form a sort of half-pipe (like for skaters) and all of the sudden I can’t use that mesh in the spline. The importing method was the same and no changes done aside from the mesh it self. Many other static meshes work with the spline while many others don’t.

Any ideas on why this is happening? Or is there a way to prepare a mesh to be used specifically for splines?

is it giving you any kind of error message? what is it actually doing when you try the halfpipe? does it show at all?

No error messages or anything I drag a mesh in the according slot and it just doesn’t show at all. I do the same for some other meshes and they show up and work so it’s a mystery why it won’t take the half pipe.

one thing you could check, by dragging the half pipe into the level, is just that the pivot point is at the center or base of the mesh. If for some reason the pivot is off your mesh may just be offset somewhere you didn’t notice.

Could also be a bounds issue I guess.