Simple Spline Pack

I’ve submitted this to the marketplace as a free package, and also to gumroad

get it here: Simple Spline Pack for Unreal Engine 4 (ue4)

Make easy tracks, decorations or decal paths using Smooth mesh spline, Decal Spline, or scatter mesh spline.

I’ve provided this pack mostly as I’ve been missing a spline-tool where the meshes are placed at equal distances along the spline - meaning the meshs are stretched only by corners - not by how far apart the sub-points on your spline is!

The additional splines for placing decals or meshes along a spline at set distances (with some randomisation) are somewhat simpler, but very handyto have around

Note - working with large splines can be slow, I advise either:
-set the scale/spacing to a very high number, and turn down to preview when you have the spline in place
-better yet, don’t make a massive spline, make several smaller ones

Though these should be usable in production, it is intended more to be built on and customised

-3 blueprints
-1 demo map
-1 mesh (based on track mesh from AdvVehicle with more polys)
-3 materials (with some children)
-2 textures for the decal

Total size ~2MB

Hope someone finds this to be of use!

I needed something like that (spaced rather then stretched) ages ago!
Made my own solution at the time, but a generic one would have been nice.

Never thought of using one to place decals and the like.
Interesting idea.

Also, please note that I changed the prefix slightly just so it uses one of the built-in prefixes and looks a bit neater.


Thanks Kris! Really, I feel these systems should be provided along with the editor.

Something else I’d sure like to give a go is bending decals, like a splinemesh…

Also, good call on changing the prefix… I was not sure how to tag it :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing Alex.
I played a little with it and integrated useful stuff into my Spline BPs.
I also came up with a solution for the twists happening, when you try loops and sharp angles.

If someone is interested:

No worries, and thanks to you too! I was wondering if there was a way to do loops without twisting.
I’ll add that bit of info to this package soon :slight_smile:

Interesting - had some trouble with the roll in combination with the up vector (my initial solution of shifting the roll for each mesh by the average of both ends nearly worked)

Then found this: [TUTORIAL] Create a procedural spline road tool in blueprints 4 part video series - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

It still feels kinda difficult to set up a decent loop or corkscrew (due to the manipulation of the spline its-self), but sure is dooable.

I’ve updated the package on gumroad - though it has been turned down from the marketplace, for being too simple (understandable)… and for being free!

This explains why there is so few free items on the marketplace… Feels like a shame not to have a large(er) pile of easily accessible free bits for UE4!
I guess it opens up room for a (not-very-profitable :wink: ) 3rd-party market though :smiley: