Simple Spawn Question

Hi I’m trying to make a actor blueprint spawn multiple times along a spline by the variable specified as GoldenRings_Amount. I think ive worked out the basic math, However I did really **** at school. I realise that by dividing the line it will not place an actor at the 0 point and I havent got round to thinking about that part yet as I cant even spawn anything. If I use spawn actor from class. Set get location distance along spline to world and use the transform from the GoldenRingSpawnLocation Vector variable It just spawns 2 of them, one at the start and one at the end of the spline…eventhough when I print the vectors to the screen It shows 4 different coordinates…

The game itself looks really nice I have surprised myself with it.
No idea what I’m doing wrong can someone please help me.


Heres some pics:

Managed to work it out on my own…I have a mega headache but at least its working now and my maths is a little better. It spawns the amount depending on the length of the spline while keeping a nice even distance from each actor…I had to make sure to spawn the first actor before the loop with the start location and the rest spawn within the loop otherwise you miss the first actor being placed at the start of the spline.

Just noticed now I need to do some rotation math :frowning: