Simple sound attachment in static mesh details panel.

Hi, I know there must be a way to attach a sound file to a static mesh such as foliage like grass and bushes so that when they are collided with and walked through the selected sound file will play upon collision.

Could this be made easier and a nice feature to simply have an audio file attachment section to choose from Audio files such as ones even in the starter content. A Fast and simple drag and drop it in to get sound on collision. ??

Could this be added in to the Collision Presets Tab and under Collision Responses, add in Collision Audio. perhaps even able to select a number of Audio Elements to get a desired sound on Collision.



I don’t think this is the kind of thing we want to do as ‘built in’ functionality. There are lots of ways that games might want to do this differently (are there different sounds for different things hitting the grass? how do you control attentuation settings? what about replication?). Hopefully it should be easy to create a Blueprint to do what you want!

Also grass and bushes are often merged into single foliage actor. So how you get audio source or manage different grass/bush instances individually if those instances aren’t separate actors?

I used to set physical materials for footstep/collision sounds. Then you write simple audio manager playing sound matching to traced surface/collison.

ah ok fair enough worth a mention. Thanks anyways.