Simple sequence animation, serious juddering and shake


7 seconds in,
A space pod approaches a big ship. The pod contains the player. A sequence is controlling the animation here, but it judders about in this awful way and we can’t get it to stop.

It wasn’t me who made this and I’m not super read-up on sequences. Here’s what I do know:

  • We’ve tried removing collision from each and both the player and the space pod.
  • We’ve tried applying the animation to the player instead of the pod and attaching the pod to the player, rather than the other way around.
  • Tried sticking a camera inside the pod and switching to that. This still happens.
  • Tried replacing player pawn with another pawn entirely.

All this, to me, implies that the problem is neither with the pod nor player, but with the sequence. Is there some magical setting where we can make sequencers happen without all this shaking?
Or perhaps we’re just misunderstanding the function of sequences, and you’d suggest something else to create this sequence?


Looks like the Camera Boom, and the Meshes infront are colliding. Either remove collision on the camera channel on those meshes, or change the camera boom arm length, or change the distance from the camera to the mesh.