Simple scoring system help?

I need a score system where the score goes up 50 points every second. Any help?

I’ve tried following tutorials and changing things because people are adding score for different things such as shooting an enemy. I guess the ways I’ve seen only work that specific thing. I have a Text Rendered actor in my scene because I want my score to show up on the floor of the level.

Some help would REALLY be appreciated can’t move on with my project until I implement score.

Thanks so much guys.

You shouldn’t ask people how to program your game. If you don’t understand timers yet, its pointless to attempt making a game.

Thanks for the helpful answer…

If there is any tutorial that helped me into getting into UE4, was this series. Endless Runner: Adding Pickup Items | 04 | v4.7 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

This video specifically explains what you want :smiley:

Thanks for the video! It’s exactly what I want for another part of the project so I’ll definitely be bookmarking it, but It doesn’t help with this question.

I’m new to UE4 (Obviously, haha) I generally focus on the modelling and animating side, so I have absolutely no idea how I’d go about implementing a score system at all in UE4 never-mind making it go up by 50 points every second.

Ok I did that for my own game, you have to, is:

Open Event graph in your game mode,

Copy the text from this link and paste it there.

Compile and that’s it.

If there is an error its cause you have two event tick nodes so you need to delete the one thats not being used.

If this answered your question tick the check button on the comment :smiley:

Learn blueprints, theyre really awesome!

I set it up just like that but my integer isn’t going up as I play the game

Thats cause you need to create the variable, define it as float and then you can do it.

If you need to use UE4, Id suggest youd start looking at tutorials.

I’d created it as an integer first, but I changed it to a float and did float+float and still nothing happens.

Post a printscreen then.


There is what I’ve done I’m looking at the default value while playing the game and it stays at 0.0

lol thats a tick event not a second. You need a timer.

Made this real quick and tested that it works.

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I need the error as well, so send me your whole print screen after you compiled it.

The whole screen I mean

There isn’t an error, when I compile it it’s fine, just when I play the game the Total Score variable doesn’t go up.

Of course its not going up, you need to create something visual (HUD)where you need to check that the variable is changing (score), which is in the video I sent you.

Check my previous answer, thats why it doesnt work. Also you need to create it(the variables and nodes) in your game mode, not in your level blueprint.

I’m stopping here. You really need to look up into tutorials, look in the series Ive sent you.

How do I get a timer?

I know my text render isn’t going to change I was looking in the details on the left to see if that was going up, which it should if it worked right?

I think someone else may have spotted the problem. I’m using event tick and not a timer, not sure how to use a timer but I’ll look it up.

Thanks for the help and your time.

So you need to have a setup like this hooked up to the tick event to increase 50 points per second.

You need to multiply the value you want per second by Delta Seconds. Delta Seconds gives you the time between tick events. Delta Seconds can change based off of performance, which is why it is an auto computed variable to keep things in line.

Also, be sure to hit the eyeball icon next to your Total Score variable on the left side of your blueprint screen. This will make your variable visible in the editor when you have the blueprint selected.

The default value will not change while the game plays, it is a default value. So once you hit play, hit F1 to gain control of your mouse and select your blueprint from the details panel, you should be able to see your score going up steadily at a rate of 50 points over the course of a second.

If you are wanting to have it tick 0,50,100,150 you could use a timer, or do the same thing as above to make your own custom timer, check to see if it is above a given value (which you know you are incrementing per second) then use a branch to trigger an increase of 50 to the score and reset your custom timer to 0.

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