Simple Rotation Problem

Hello everyone! New to Unreal and Blueprint here, and I’m having a little trouble understanding how to work with it. I’m trying to get a simple AI Movement for NPC cars that move around the city, however, I’m having trouble figuring out how to get it to rotate smoothly on the turns. Here is what I have so far - BluePrint Example Rotation.png

It took me a while to figure out that much, and I’m all the help articles I’ve found relating to this aren’t working for me. Could anyone help me out here?

Have you tried to look for some rotation speed values somewhere in between the character, the character movement and the player controller?

I believe there are lots of settings you can access to to tweak your rotation system.

Not sure if there is what you need tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Yun-Kun - thanks for your quick reply! The rotation speeds are set at a basic 45 degree angle (I’m using defaultPawn attached to a custom StaticMesh), and I can’t change them for some reason. If I create a rotator it only rotates constantly, and any change to rotation just creates an immediate effect instead of a smooth one. The way I’ve seen it done is it’s attached to a timeline or some sorts, but every answer I see doesn’t explain how they achieve the smooth turn, it just shows a picture of the blueprint and I am unable to figure it out. Hope this helps you help me! :smiley:

Hey Yun-Kun, thanks for the swift reply! Unfortunately that didn’t solve the problem for me, it just created a constant rotating object. I just need it to rotate 90 degrees, but incrementally so that it looks like a smooth transition and not a sudden pop to 90 degrees. Hope this helps you help me :slight_smile: