Simple Rigging and Animation Tutorials

Hello, I was wondering if you guys could help me. I know it’s not strictly UE4 per say but it is related. I’m trying to learn the basics of rigging and then onto animation for a human character with a sword. I’m trying to prototype a game concept and want to try animation on a basic Human character so that I can test out a potential character movement and combat. I’ve watched countless videos on youtube but I can’t seem to find anything that works for me. Just wondering what has worked for you lot.

Many thanks

Hi Max,

Since its not related to any 3d package in particular I strongly suggest you to rent Maya and use the ART tookit to build your rig ( even use the mannequin character, since its just for testing ) and from there search for some mocap animation ( there are thousand available for free online ) or create your animation using traditional keyframes.
The export inside UE4 is quite straight forward and its covered on the Unreal Engine youtube videos, also the animation management as well, so I guess you just need some time so check how everything works and setup a pipeline between your 3d app and UE4, but as said the process is covered extensively on the UE youtube channel.