Simple Replicated Ragdoll System - now available on the marketplace!

EDIT: The Product is now available on the marketplace for 24.99 $! Check the link below to find out more.…ragdoll-system

Hello Everyone!
After reading some threads regarding issues with ragdolls/simulating physics, I’ve decided to build a simple replicated ragdoll system.


My goals were to make it:**
Easy to implement/modify: It’s built 100 % using Blueprints and easy to implement into any Character Blueprint as all the logic is contained in one component.

The player can either recover by themself or get healed by other players, sample animations are provided.
I’ve also provided some exemplary logic showing how you can implement the system into your project.

Replicated (well enough): The ragdoll is calculated locally on every client, but the root location gets interpolated to **synchronize **with the location calculated by the server. The velocity is also provided by the server. If the difference gets too large, the ragdoll will be teleported to the server-side location. It should be precise enough to allow other clients to heal their teammates, while still being:

Since only the location and velocity get replicated during the simulation, the system should not impact network performance too much.

Compatible with all server setups: whether you’re using P2P, dedicated servers or simply want an easy solution to add a ragdoll to your **Single-Player **game, the system will work. A bad connection will not look as smooth, but the replication will hold up.

Preview Video:

The latest build: Google Drive Link
You can run this .exe two times on your PC, hosting a session in one of the instances, and joining it in the other. Press F11 to go into windowed mode. This way, you can see the behavior of the ragdoll on clients.

Is there any feature you would like to see in this project?

Looking forward to hearing your feedback! :slight_smile:

  • Linus

Update: the project is now released to the marketplace, it is currently available for 24.99 $!

Marketplace Link:…ragdoll-system
Demo Video (Youtube):
Demo Download Link: