Simple Radar on HUD to detect players?

Until today I have not found any tutorial on youtube teaching to create simple radar or that shows at least the graph, the only free radar project only renders the target in a unique texture that does not work in multiplayer mode

Can someone upload a blueprint with a simple graph?


Building multiplayer is fairly complicated. I would not use hud class. I would be using umg. You want to see how to query world transforms of all ai and real players? Or do you know that and want to drive images in the radar? Its a system. I think there are 5 or more in the market, i would just reverse engineer one if i couldn’t figure it out.

Actually it’s very simple, just to detect all actors of the type: third person character except me;) but I do not know how to do this because it’s complex even in an offline game and I do not intend to pay $ 34 in a project, just to do reverse engineering of a widget and some graphs here and there …

Well a bunch are a lot cheaper. Try under $10. Hmm so it’s very simple but too complex? When I have some extra time to donate I may come back and provide an answer.

Basic logic for this is quite simple. Transform the world 2D location of the actors you wanna show in the radar, to the radar.

The radar would be in UMG, and it’s 0.0 is on the top left of the screen.

Say an actor is at “X = -100, Y = 500”, just divide that, say by 100, and now they have a -1, 5 coordinates. which you can use to place a small image on its relative coordinates. You would just have to offset the scaled coordinates by the location of the radar on the screen.

Now, bear in mind that of all things, a radar is actually pretty expensive on the CPU and you should most definitely do the computing parts on C++ on the long rung, unless you start with a “lazy” radar that doesn’t do everything on a single frame, but you could still get a noticeable frame drop for that. You still do the visual parts on UMG.

As for detection, you can do something like this:

This will see all the actors in the field of view (in my case it’s 90 degrees), regardless the distance to them and their Z location. You can add some additional logic to see only enemies within some range, or not to see enemies a lot higher/lower than you.

As for radar display, when you know the angle and the distance, calculating where they should be displayed on the radar will require a bit of basic trigonometry.