Simple question, opening generic render window

Trying to get a grasp of this.

Created a new project with the “basic code” option, my hope was to get a basic visual studio solution that can launch a simple render window (I plan to generate most content through CustomMeshComponent in code).

However when I use a ‘DebugGame’ configuration for example and run it I get a ‘You’re running a version of the application to load COOKED content only’ etc warning.

I don’t need to launch the editor or bring in pre-baked custom content, I just need to bring up a simple rendering window initially so I can start bringing in code myself to generate meshes etc.

Is what I am trying to do possible? Are there any basic examples of just launching a render window out there?

Sorry for the simple question, thanks.

Sorry to bump guys, still hoping for any answers on this.

You could use Development build configuration, this one should also build monolithic .exe but with ability to run with uncooked content, didn’t try this, but it should work.

You most likely want to be building the DebugGame Editor target for Win64.