Simple Question: How come this snippet isn't working as intended?

I basically want my Ball pawn to be thrusted up into the air (like a jump pad) when it overlaps the trigger box, I thought this was it but apparantly not as it isn’t working…

I know it’s a simple fix but I cannot figure it out for the life of me.

First I’d verify the event is triggering. Add a couple of print string nodes between each node to see where execution stops.

Another possible issue is that Z is up in Unreal Engine, this script adds impulse on the global right vector. Additionally I’m not sure 5000 is going to do much, I’d start from 10000 on Z. Big numbers are required for anything appreciable in PhysX.

Hello and thank you for the response!

I have done what you instructed and it appears that it isn’t going any further than the “Cast To” node. Clearly something between “Cast To” and “Add Impulse” is stopping it. Any idea what needs to be done next?

Thank you :slight_smile: