Simple Question about BSP Brushes


New to the forum and unreal engine in general and I had a simple questions about Interaction with in the editor;
I have been practicing “greyboxing” levels and wanted to know is there a way to setup faster interaction via hotkeys are
“floating” menu when working with these tools?

For example, it would be nice to be able to select a box brush in the viewport and hit a key to hollow it out or even change
it to subtract mode. Same goes for adding another brush into the scene without having to go back to the side bar
or change properties.

Any advice on this would be great …

@Persona This is about setting up hotkeys generally:

But something I would defintely recommend, is getting:

It’s free now, and will make your whiteboxing experience much more fun…

No hotkeys that I am aware of…other than selecting all surfaces with shift-s etc, but…as it’s for whiteboxing, mainly begin with large brushes with the pen tool in top view, then add brushes with perspective viewport inside the large brush, and then flip them as subtractive by bulk selecting in the world panel, then flipping them in the details panel.

So many ways of doing the same thing with brushes. Dealer’s choice.

If the area you are building is more than 75% exterior, then using mainly additive brushes for greywhite boxing will work faster in the long run. If it’s interior mostly, then what might work faster is:

Large block per room/building, with subtractive for room dimensions, then additive for ramps/stairs/partitions, followed by subtractive for doorways to next large room block/corridor.

If consistent with grid size, and you use the option for selecting vertex alignment, it should be very easy to get everything on grid and ‘clean’.

It also depends on the game type, slightly, as to how you block out.