Simple Quality of Life suggestion: Favourites tweak

Hi all,

I’m a big fan of the new favourite folder system. Saves me time digging through my folders to find the sub-sub-sub-sub folder each time!

Something that I think would make my life so much easier and increase productivity - Adding a star icon to the right click menu entry to spot it easier.

This could be simple as a Star (much like the save all entry has a save icon), or even better a blank star outline for “Add to Favourites” and a filled in star for “Remove from favourites” (the filled in Star indicating that it’s already in favourites.

I imagine this is a super simple tweak someone could hop in and make, I think it would improve the new system just that little bit!


I was able to do this in . Cheers,

Fantastic, Thanks project.gheist! You’re a ‘Star’ (forgive the pun)

This will be in 4.21! Thanks for the idea and the pull request :smiley: