Simple Quality of Life: Change Message Log font size for compilation output

Hi there, I’m using the “Compile” button in the editor, and the output log font size is far too small. I have 4 screens, but I’m leaning in to squint. How can I make the font size bigger?

It’s the “Message Log” window (not the Output Log which has a “font” setting in Editor->Preferences)

Thank you in advance!

I would advise against using the “Compile” button in the editor. It can cause issues like corrupted BP’s like your other post here: Unreal Editor corrupted my project. Editor now stuck in crash loop when opening. - C++ Gameplay Programming - Unreal Engine Forums this is corrupt BP, and one possible cause is Hot Reloading (Compiling with the editor open). In your other post you BP (BP_Stroke) is corrupted.

As for the font size, would be nice to make it editable.

Hmmm… Ok, what’s your workflow then?

I’m mentally comparing the long-term headache of opening/closing with the migraine panic of not being able to open it at all.

My new plan is to:

  • Hot-reload in a “C++ feature dev projects”, then move completed features into another main “game” project for BP coding.
  • “git commit” often to save working versions so I can get back to known state if it gets wedged again.


I noticed your “Engine Contributor” badge - how much effort do you think a font size PR would take, and how welcome would the PR be?


I always compile with the editor closed, its just one of those things you get used too. I use livecoding but you can only change function bodies. No class structure changes/constructor changes.

As for the font size, as its a feature i would also like, ill put in a pr for it. i feel it would be beneficial to be able to change font sizes, not just there but to be able to edit the font size in many other aspects of the editor.