Simple qestion

I want to make space ship game where you can buy different ships and weapons for ships. Should i make Static mesh array of different ships you can posses or better do with skeletal mesh?

Make single blueprint that is parent to all spaceships.
Then in each spaceship blueprint inherit from parent and add only visuals in child bp.
All logic should be in parent bp.

As to static mesh vs skeletal mesh.
In skeletal mesh you can add effects and animations. So you are making visuals in application like 3d max.
For static mesh you need to animate all that with blueprint, math, and interpto etc.

Your choice really.


And what about weapon shop.
So on test map i created shop where i can buy weapon that attaches to ships attach point and its all good but when i load different map weapon is gone!
I am thinking that i need save load BP’s right, so that all info from one map goes to other?