Simple Python Doxygen filter for UE4 macros

I’ve been writing a good bit of UE4 C++ recently and wanted to use the Doxygen documentation tool to produce HTML docs, but hit the same problem that others have with it not understanding the UE4 macros and so not being able to parse the files.

Aiming for something which worked ‘well enough’ and wouldn’t take long to develop I wrote a Python script which Doxygen can use to find and comment out UE4 macros, allowing the actual documentation and C++ code to be parsed well enough to produce the HTML docs I was after.

This isn’t perfect but works for my current needs and if anyone else is interested the script and a bit of documentation (which goes into some detail as to why it isn’t perfect) is in this Github repo.

At some point I do plan to expand on it so that’s it’s able to sensibly process the entire UE4 codebase but thought this may be of use to someone else even in its current state.

Amazing thanks!
You still use the version on Github or you have improved it?
Thanks again!