Simple problem with GUI, and how to communicate between blueprints?

I’m trying to make a task system. So i created widget with slots for task and bind it to variable Current_task_name. Tahn i draw it using plyer character blueprint. Default values are shown perfect, problem comes when i"m trying to change task name.

I created blueprint actor that can be placed in level in there i set Current_task_name by public variable Name. But when i start game nothing in GUI changes. When i do the same but in player character blueprint and manually the name changes. Someone has an idea?

And how i can add reference to blueprint in another blueprint? I mean when i have for example one blueprint “Start” and another “Hit”. Start has public variable, how i can get this variable in Hit?
I know that there is something like cast to … but when i have this vidget i don’t know what to pin in object slot.

Tahnks for help :slight_smile: